Mounam Sollum Varthaigal | Tamil Music Video ft Vinitha Koshy | Rahul Riji Nair, Sidhartha Pradeep

Watch “Mounam Sollum Varthaigal”, a melodious romantic Tamil Music Video with Screenplay & Direction done by Rahul Riji Nair, Music composed by Sidhartha Pradeep and Lyrics written by Jayakumar N. The video stars Vinitha Koshy and Abhimanyu Ramanandan. Produced by First Print Studios, Muzik247 is the official music label.

Song: Pessamal
Singers: Amrita Jayakumar, Nithin Raj
Lyrics: Jayakumar N
Music: Sidhartha Pradeep

Screenplay & Direction: Rahul Riji Nair
Cast: Vinitha Koshy, Abhimanyu Ramanandan, Renjith Shekar Nair, Sujith Warrier
Cinematography: Luke Jose
Editor: Appu Bhattathiri
Chief Associate: Baiju V Nath
Executive Producer: Zam Abdul Vahid

Keyboard Programming: Sidhartha Pradeep
Accoustic Guitar: Prayag Peethambaran
Violin: Aswin Kumar
Sound Engineer: Anoop Kammaran
Mix & Mastering: Anoop Kammaran, Suteja Challa

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